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What’s included in this bundle

PowerPack Universal Pro

Introducing the PowerPack Universal Pro: the latest evolution in our portable power solutions lineup and our most advanced travel power bank yet.

Power to your laptop, completely unplugged.

Experience the freedom to charge your laptop anywhere, completely untethered from traditional power outlets. The built-in 65W USB-C cable, powered by cutting-edge GaN technology, ensures your laptop stays powered up in the most remote locations or while you're on the move.

Your main charging cable, always with you.

Forget extra cables and embrace the ultimate convenience with the PowerPack Universal Pro's built-in USB-C cable, perfect for all the latest USB-C smart devices.

Seamless charging in every time zone.

The PowerPack Universal Pro, equipped with interchangeable AU, EU, UK, and Asia adapters and a built-in US adapter, keeps you powered in over 150 countries worldwide.

Power in a snap

Charging your smartphone has never been faster. Just snap your phone onto the dedicated 15W MagSafe-compatible charging spot and experience effortless charging instantly.

Stay powered for longer

The PowerPack Universal Pro boasts a massive 15,000mAh built-in battery, allowing you to recharge all flagship smartphones up to three times. This means more time to connect and less time recharging.

Trvlr Tag

Introducing the Trvlr Tag, a premium leather luggage tag equipped with official Apple Find My technology, ensuring your luggage is always traceable. It features a built-in rechargeable battery and an audible locator for added convenience. With Trvlr Tag, you'll enjoy peace of mind during your travels, knowing your belongings are just a tap away.

Never lose your luggage

With the integration of official Apple Find My technology, the Trvlr Tag lets you travel in confidence, allowing you to keep a digital eye on your luggage from departure to destination.

Sleek sustainability

The Trvlr Tag stands out with its eco-friendly, rechargeable battery that lasts up to 6 months. This design eliminates the need for battery replacements, and means you won’t have to buy a replacement when the battery dies.

Find your luggage with just one sound.

Easily locate your luggage in a crowd using the Trvlr Tag’s audible locator. With just the click of a button, an alarm sounds, swiftly guiding you to the exact location of your belongings.

Inconspicuous innovation

The Trvlr Tag’s discreet design will ensure you have maximum security while travelling. With cutting-edge tracking tech hidden inside a classic tag design, thieves won't have a clue, while you stay one step ahead.

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